Magic Wars

Magic Wars 2.0

Become the next Harry Potter


  • Fun, original gameplay
  • Excellent online gaming element
  • Clever use of voice recognition technology
  • User-friendly tutorials


  • Prone to crashes
  • Not very graphically rich

Very good

If you're a fan of the Harry Potter series of movies/books then you're going to love Magic Wars.

This inventive game gives you the chance to become an all-conquering wizard or witch. In order to do this you'll need to pick the right wand, learn spells and charms, train yourself in wizard skills, chant incantations, and take on other sorcerers in duels.

You're probably thinking Magic Wars sounds like some kind of graphical adventure game in the same vein as World of Warcraft. In reality it's far more original than that though. Magic Wars makes use of touchscreen and voice recognition technologies to deliver an innovative spell-casting feature. Once you've learned a spell you cast it by moving your thumb in a certain pattern and chanting the incantation into the phone. The accuracy of your movement and voice input determines how powerful the spell is.

What's great about Magic Wars is the social aspect of the game. Once you've completed your training you can go online and duel against other players using the skills you've built up. If you beat them you earn gold that can be traded for extra training sessions. You can choose to play against anyone online, a specific friend, or find people in your area who are playing it. You can also set up 'Circles', and get people to join you, and sending messages to each other.

The one major problem with Magic Wars is that it's pretty buggy at the moment and very prone to crashing. Apparently it's improved a lot from the previous version, but it still kicked me out a few times when I tested it.

Magic Wars is a fun and inventive game, which helps you make new friends too. That's if you don't mind looking an idiot when you're sat on the bus waving your arms about and shouting spells.

Magic Wars


Magic Wars 2.0

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